On view until August 20th, 2023
Zapata Collection Vol.2

Contemporary Art Exhibition

Zapata Collection Vol.2 represents Zapata Gallery’s choice for this summer. Building upon the success of the gallery’s inaugural exhibition, we proudly present the personal collection of our founder, Santiago Zapata. This second edition showcases a diverse group of predominantly Cuban artists from different generations, whose works have captivated the collector’s attention and touched their sensibility.

Thirteen artists are featured in this carefully curated selection, encompassing a wide range of themes and pictorial trends within the figurative universe. Stepping into the gallery, visitors are greeted by the striking painting of Osy Milian, whose contemporary artistic language carries the weight of preserving portrait tradition. Adjacent to it, two remarkable works by Umberto Peña highlight the strength of his expressive style, which left a significant impact on Cuban art during the turbulent 80s. In this exhibition, Peña’s works incorporate abstract elements with organic forms. Completing the central hall are pieces by Rubén Rodríguez, Niels Reyes, Michel Pérez Pollo, and Enrique Silvestre, showcasing the diversity of styles and subjects within the figurative concept.

The right hall presents further gems from the collection, including the large-scale artwork “Butterflies in the Stomach” by Maykel Linares, an artist who fearlessly explores multiple styles with an existential atmosphere. Noteworthy are also the symbolism and density in the contrasting works of Noel Moreira. René Rodríguez’s abstract ensemble draws attention within a selection dominated by figurative painting, while Vladimir De León Llaguno’s pieces offer a stylistic twist that sets them apart from the artworks presented in the gallery’s first exhibition.

In the left hall, Vladimir Sagols once again commands considerable space due to his significance within the Zapata collection. His enigmatic works, featuring spectral figures immersed in a veil of pictorial matter, evoke references to expressive Cuban artists like Fidelio Ponce and Antonia Eiriz. Also showcased in this edition is Carlos Quintana, an artist who staunchly defends painting as the raw material of art, as demonstrated in his captivating deformed harlequin piece titled “Untitled,” a large-format painting that demands attention. The exhibition concludes with Leonardo Luis Roque’s neo-impressionist flowers, which possess a conceptual background and belong to his award-winning series “Political Painting” (2016-2020). Roque provokes thought-provoking critiques through antitheses and references, inviting viewers to discover his undeniable nod to the iconic 80s, exemplified by Lázaro Saavedra’s classic kitsch flower bouquet titled “Art as a Fighting Weapon.”

To showcase a selection of artworks from this exhibition, we invite you to explore our curated image grid. Please note that the grid provides an overview of the exhibition and may not include all of the artworks on display.

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