Visual Artist
Nelson Jalil

Camagüey, Cuba, 1984

Nelson Jalil, Camagüey, Cuba, 1984, is a multidisciplinary visual artist. He has developed his work mainly in painting and exploring other media such as installation and video. He graduated from the University of the Arts, Havana, Cuba, in 2009 and the Fine Arts Academy of Camagüey in 2003. Jalil’s work has been shown internationally at the Kunsthalle of Vienna, Austria; the Espace Témoin Art Center, Geneva, Switzerland; the Reinbeckhallen Art Center, Berlín, Germany; the Tianqiao Art & Cultural Centre, Beijing, China; the Experiments in Cinéma Film Festival, New Mexico, EEUU and the Center for the Development of Visual Arts in Havana, Cuba. Jalil’s work has also been shown at the Fototeca of Cuba and the Ludwig Foundation of Havana. He has exhibited in galleries, international art fairs, and art spaces in the United States, Italy, France, Austria, México, and Cuba.